Friday, 22 July 2011

Misspelled...... Aidan Bishop nits the hail on the ned!!

It was a miserable November evening (on the 21st of July!!) when I made my way to Dublin's underground of comedy that is the International Comedy Club for a sneak preview of Aidan Bishop's show "Misspelled" in preparation of his sell out gigs for the infamous upcoming Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Having read some info on the show prior to going and learning the it focuses on the trials and tribulations of life with Dyslexia (something which Aidan himself was diagnosed with in 2008) I was wondering how exactly he was going to pull this one off without offending anyone. Having a sibling myself with Dyslexia I was a bit dubious as I often find myself being very guarded and protective about the subject...... there was absolutely no need!
From start to finish I found myself giggling and nodding as I related to different stories he told of growing up with the difficulties around it. Aidan described how some words he confused often lead to completely different meanings which would lead to jibes and jeering around the kitchen table..... something I experienced many a time growing up when we would laugh about the slip ups my own sibling had made. However, as bad and all as it was in my house, it must have been ten times worse in the hard streets of Queens, New York.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Foil Arms and Hog...the best threesome you'll ever have!

Last year while leaflet-dodging on the infamous Royal Mile, the mecca of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe every August, the Irish accents of three 20-something lads promoting their show stopped me in my tracks. After the usual oh-you-know-that-person-I-know-him-too conversation us Irish seem to engage in wherever we go, I was convinced and tickets to my first ever Foil Arms and Hog show were bought.