Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Digital YOU! How 2.0 market your business or yourself online

 Ok, so by now now you've realised that along with our love of comedy, festivals, all things wacky & wonderful, we are also huge fans of the online world! Computer nerds.... not quiet! Computer mad.... most definitely! We are bloody obsessed with the online world.... I mean, where else would we find out about all the events we show up for! Who would have known about things like the "National Scarecrow Championship" or the "World Statue Festival" without the wonderful world of the web!

Now we're not completely naive.... we know we only came across all of these things because of how well they are marketed online. In today's challenging times, companies are spending more and more time promoting themselves online and focusing on digital marketing rather than traditional marketing techniques. There are many reasons for this but mainly down to the massively reduced costs, the speed and distance at which you can reach your audience, and the ability to change your mind or direction at a second's notice.

We are complex beings and what one person loves, another person hates (I won't even get started on this because we could be here all night with my bewilderment at some people's likes!!) But see this is the beauty with digital marketing.... never mind being two faced.... we can have a hundred faces online if we want! Why?? Because we all want to be liked!! That's where companies can really target their potential clients! You might have several different customer typecasts, online you can create a profile to suit each of these.... as long as it's done right!  Boy have I seen some disastrous attempts but hey the digital universe changes at a rate that no other industry has ever seen before. We need to stay awake and focused and the returns will speak for themselves. Don't play safe, and whatever you do, don't just copy your competitors or industry colleagues.... be that one step ahead! If you are promoting yourselves (Hey, if you want to use the web to meet your future husband/ wife, far be it for me to judge you!!!) make sure you show some personality and don't just stay on trend!

Our friends at How 2.0 are running a great one day workshop on November 16th in the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dublin 8 aimed specifically at non-techies who are looking for an insight into online marketing and social media.The conference will be held in two sections. The Wow and the How. The morning sessions are the Wow sessions. "We see lots of businesses succeed simply by knowing what tools and platforms are out there;" says Murray, "The purpose of the Wow sessions is to ensure that delegates identify these Platforms to move ahead." The Afternoon is all How. Uniquely, all delegates will have a choice of three 90 minute workshops to attend. Workshops will include Pay per click advertising; Facebook beginners and advanced; Blogging; Email Marketing; Linkedin, Twitter and other practical sessions that they can take away and apply to their business.

With speakers like the fantastically motivational online guru Darragh Doyle from Yay.ie along with Ian Dodson (Digital Marketing Institute), Bob Flynn (iCommunity) , Karl Murray (ingage) and many more, this is an event not to be missed! BE WARNED: Digital Marketing is highly addictive and you will probably fall in love with it!!!

The full day's workshop costs only €149 but as a special treat for all Just4theNatter reader's, the lovely Robert in How 2.0 has promised a further discount of €50 so you can get your hands on tickets for just €99! BARGAIN! To grab your discounted tickets log on here and enter the promo code "natter" at the check out. For more info on this cult event check out how20.ie

See you there!


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