Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Irish boys bring comedy gold to Edinburgh Fringe (Part 2)

............ So next stop on our "Irish Night" was the beautiful Aidan Bishop and his show "Misspelled", only a quick rickshaw journey away in the Gilded Balloon! - OK.... completely lying here.... it was no more short.... we hadn't clocked on the scary journey down the hill (see previous comments) that even scarier was that we now had to go up the bloody hill in the rickshaw!! Dear God..... not only did we feel bad for the poor chap that had to ride the bike up the hill with the two of us lumps in the back, but it appeared the whole of Edinburgh felt sorry for him as passers-by joined in, the now farcical situation, and started to push us up the hill! Now I don't mean strapping young lads either! I mean 50/ 60/ 70 year old men!! Meanwhile myself and Shell were attempting to cover our laughter creased faces with the flimsy blanket wrapped around our legs! If ever I were to die from laughter, this moment would have been the cause!! -

So anyway, once we safely landed in the Gilded Balloon, minus our dignity, we headed straight for the bar (to calm our nerves of course after such a traumatic experience!!) and then quickly on up to the Turret just before the show started. Now I know I previously saw the show and had shared my thoughts with you all, but knowing Aidan's strive for perfection I was sure there had been a lot of tweaks and changes since I had last seen it in The International a few weeks previously. I was right.... it felt like a whole different show!

Aidan has a a far more relaxed pace to his show than most other Irish comedians and his shit cool Queens accent, and NY upbringing certainly shine through in his ability to catch the audience's attention without having to jump around and race through his lines. In fact, you find yourself believing that you are having an intimately hilarious conversation with someone you've known all your life..... an incredibly hard feat to pull off, and one, I'm sure, all his fans hugely admire! 

Aidan seemed a lot more comfortable on stage this time round and the whole flow of the show worked perfectly. Gags were a lot more developed and the whole room hung on his every word. The robotic computer/ electronic reader certainly had a lot more to say this time round and delivered one of my favourite lines of the festival ......... Remember - MEN DON'T VIBRATE! Something us girls will laugh about for a long time to come!! It was also great to see Aidan had gotten so much support from Dyslexia support groups and associations who all seemed to be actively backing him as not only is his show hilariously funny, it's also astoundingly educational. Again I found myself learning even more about dyslexia than I ever thought I would.

All in all, the lovely Aidan blew us all away AGAIN and left a relaxed giggle in our stomach as we departed the room and galloped off in search of a taxi to bring us onto our next and final show of the night. (No way could I handle another rickshaw journey.... at least not for at least another 4/5 hours!!)

We made our way to Pleasance One in what seemed like the lap of luxury by this stage and arrived with a few minute to spare where we soaked up the buzz and festival atmosphere inside this deceivingly large collection of venues. A large queue had formed and it became very obvious very quickly that Dead Cat Bounce had now become a star attraction for the festival. Having seen these guys in actions a few times before in a number of different places, including Kavanagh's Comedy Club in Portlaoise, I was surprised as we were lead into a large, fully seated theater.... not the kind of venue you would expect for what can, in effect, be described as a capricious rock band! 

Having taken our seats, curtains went up, lights came out and the madness that is "Caged Heat" started! James Walmsley, lead vocalist and young Jon Bon Jovi lookalike, took centre stage as they burst straight into song with a truely unique tale of "Christians in Love" , one which moved the audience from a state of shock straight into a fit of laughter which was to continue throughout the rest of the show! They moved from old school rock into power ballads and even gave us a rap about firemen (the second one of the night as Foil Arms and Hog had also rapped about firemen earlier in the evening). If there's one thing more jocular than Irish boys rapping about firemen, it's Irish boys rapping about fireman when one of them has fiery red curly hair and is wearing a skin tight pair of leopard print leggings!! Bravo Demian Fox! Demian is the hysterically animated drummer, who (if you ask me) is wasted at the back of the stage.... whoever said drummers had to sit behind the rest of the band on stage had obviously never met this guy! From facial expressions to rants and raves, this guy stole the show for us!! Although, saying this, there is not one of them that we could fault in any way! 
Mick Cullinan on keyboard, has perfected the art of innocence and puzzled expressions whilst also belting out shocking and often disturbing (in a good way!) lyrics and Shane O'Brien on base has the uber cool, slightly bono-esque look about him that says... "Don't F*** with me!!!". All in all, it's very obvious from the very beginning that these four guys are meant to be together. They each perform individually and collectively in perfect harmony and it's very hard to imagine a show without any of them. My only quip with the whole thing was that the, in my opinion, the venue just wasn't right for this kind of show. It would electric energy in the room would have been ten fold had it been a standing or at least partially standing gig where punters could dance/jump around in tune! On a plus note though, these guys know how to work an audience and with their quirky tunes becoming more and more popular having gone viral online, the audience were singing away in unison, particularly when it came to their most well known "Rugby" which if you haven't already seen you can do so here! We were delighted when we got to grab a quick 5 minute natter with them after the show before they jetted off to their other 3 gigs of the night! (where they get the energy from I don't know!!) You can catch Dead Cat Bounce yourself during the Absolute Fringe in Dublin this September 23rd. For more info on this once off gig check out fringefest.com

This rest of the night we will not be sharing as it all went kind of askew from here although we have loads more of Edinburgh to share with you yet!

There were a few Irish guys we unfortunately didn't get to see but were flying the flag and doing us proud with fantastic reviews and sold out shows, but they certainly made us laugh in the evenings over a few drinks!! These guys..... Fred Cooke, Padser Murray and John Lynn all had a fantastic run in Edinburgh and we plan on seeing them ourselves over the next few weeks. Keep an eye on our facebook page and our "Coming Up" section where we will list dates and venues for these lovely boys! 

Until next time...... watch this space.... or more importantly our facebook / twitter page where we feed daily updates and info! 

Keep laughin :)

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